Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

– Aerial imagery acquired from photographic surveys, combined with the surface models that can be extracted from them, enable mine site design and development to take place using identical source data for both quantitative and qualitative engineering processes.
– Accurate three-dimensional data produced by orthophotos and DSMs allow a developer to remove as little earth as possible to achieve objectives, providing gains in economic and ecologic efficiency.
– Rapid turnaround of orthophotos is beneficial for the development of transportation corridors to bring ore/product to market with intelligent and economical design.
– Airborne Sensing has provided aerial surveys for several major mining operations. One example is the extraction of nickel and base metals from Raglan, Quebec, and another is the iron ore mining in Schefferville, Quebec. Both these projects also involved connector surveys: mapping out corridors over nearly-impassable terrain to bring the resource safely and efficiently to the coast for further transportation.