Soirée Champlain 2015

Soirée Champlain 2015


The annual event of the Champlain section of the Canadian institute of Geomatics (CIG) was held Thursday, March 12 at the Ice Hotel in Quebec. This has been a tradition for the past 10 years for the Champlain section of the CIG, and provides an excellent occasion for geomatics professionals to meet one another and discuss the state of the industry.

The evening began with a tour of the location, with a technical explanation of the design of the Hotel and all of the ice accessories. The interior spaces have an ambient temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, regardless of the outside temperature.

Following the tour, the President of the Champlain section, Annick Jalon, presented a retrospective of 2014 and the 2014 GeoCongress. During her presentation, she thanked all partners and participants of the GeoCongress. Subsequently, a cocktail was served in an ice glass, and soups and sandwiches were served to all guests.

The Soirée Champlain provided a perfect opportunity to meet people in the Geomatics industry and to promote the imminent establishment of the Airborne Sensing Corporation’s new office in the city of Quebec. Michel Dionne