Since our first survey flight in 1980, Airborne Sensing has tackled every kind of aerial photography project: watershed, wildlife and forest inventory surveys, water quality and environmental studies, mining exploration and land surveys, and much more.

From our base in Toronto, Airborne’s internationally experienced aircrews have flown across Eastern North America, the Caribbean, and Central America. Our multi-purpose aircraft, equipped with the latest imaging technologies and precision GPS systems, are ready to respond to your unique aerial photography needs.

And now we’ve gone digital. Unrivalled image quality and accuracy. Faster turn-around times. Simplified workflow. Digital aerial photography delivers all of this and more. And Airborne is in the vanguard, adopting the newest generation of Vexcel digital aerial cameras and software alongside our analog solutions.

Clearer, more detailed images. Areas once in shadow are now rendered to the fraction of a pixel. And three levels of data – colour infrared, panchromatic, colour – are captured simultaneously.

Integrated GPS. Image data can be instantly combined with positioning measurements for precise topographic mapping.

Simpler automation. Digital images are more easily and economically processed into sophisticated maps. Images can be delivered directly to digital workflow systems – and you’re ideally positioned for even more comprehensive solutions down the road.