Airborne Sensing consistently provides high-quality imagery and accurate positional data. Precision aerial surveys provide the tools to face the problems of tomorrow. From the analysis of precarious coastal regions, to ecologically sensitive mining operations, to multi-modal imagery of forests and wildlife, the provision of aerial images allows for responsible decision making to occur on all levels of project planning and management.

The cutting-edge digital imaging and positioning technology used by Airborne Sensing can produce geo-referenced, simultaneous black-and-white, colour and colour-infrared images. Digital image production and digital readability of the spatial and spectral attributes of the imagery allows for a precise 3-D design process. Airborne Sensing can provide accurate Digital Surface Models (DSMs) to clients through our direct georeferencing and advanced aerial triangulation procedures. These models can be used for surface area mapping for any project involving land change, land-use change, or environmental monitoring.

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> Agriculture
> Coastal Mapping
> Energy Infrastructure
> Environmental Engineering
> Forestry
> Mapping and Surveying
> Mining
> Recreational and Tourist Development
> Corridor Development
> Urban and Regional Infrastructure